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Merging the mainstream entertainment industry and the adult industry. The latest in mainstream and adult industry news, reviews, previews and interviews.



I started blogging on my MySpace profile in May of 2006. It was a nice way to express my feelings on the world and to post my views on articles that were of interest. I blogged on there for a little over a year ... and I received a lot of positive feedback. So, I decided to create an "official blog" site.

I am a huge fan of the entertainment industry. I love television, movies and music. So in creating my blog I wanted to make sure I incorporated that aspect of pop culture.

I am also a huge fan of the adult industry. The porn industry is very fascinating and stimulating.

I recalled a term paper I wrote my first year as an undergrad, it was titled "PORN in the U.S.A.: Pornography Goes Mainstream." It was basically about how porn and porn stars were being accepted in the mainstream media. Porn stars were popping up on talk shows, game shows, reality shows and music videos at the time.

So, as I was writing my blog, I decided to take that term paper thesis and turn it into a viable website. One that mixes (or as I like to call it, "MERGES",) the mainstream entertainment and adult industries.

One of my friends said it perfectly: "You 'mainstream' erotica and 'eroticize' mainstream."

I hope you enjoy my blog. If you have any ideas or any suggestions feel free to email me. I am always up for constructive criticisms or suggestions.

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There are several recurring posts on Papi Chulo's BLOG. Below is a list of the recurring posts. The majority of the posts listed appear on a weekly basis.

-- Box Office: The latest weekend box office stats.
-- HUMP DAY: A sneak peek at an adult site.
-- In Bed with Papi Chulo: An interview series featuring the hottest mainstream media and adult industry stars.
-- In the News: The latest news from around the globe.
-- Literary Corner: A book review series.
-- Music Chart: The week's Top 10 albums on the Billboard 200.
-- Music Preview: A sneak peek at a new music track or music video.
-- New Release Tuesday: A list of the week's latest DVD releases.
-- Ratings Report: The latest television ratings summary.
-- XXX Adult Erotica: An adult DVD review series.
-- XXX Gay Cinema: A gay erotica DVD review series.

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Please feel free to click on the ads throughout the posts and the ads on the side of the blog.

Every click and purchase goes to benefit the blog.

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Where do I begin? I was born in Los Angeles, California on June 16, 1983. The move from the west coast to the east happened about 10 months later. I was born to Nicaraguan parents, so that makes me a Latino-American.

Throughout my schooling, I was pretty much what you would call an "A" student. I was voted "Most Likely To Succeed" in high school. I graduated university with a degree in Biology and a minor in Africana Studies.

I am a pop culture fanatic. I love television, music and film. I also keep up with politics and current events. I am also a fan of the adult industry.

Papi Chulo's BLOG came to fruition in August 2007.

Thank you for your support,

~Papi Chulo~


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